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26 May 2011


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Recruitment will evolve with technology, making use of the latest communicatrion devices, but it is always the worry that is the latest technology avenues just the fashion or a new more efficient way to recruit?
Wading through job postings via a smart phone is still hard work due to the size of screen, an ipad is better and desktop monitor the ldeal, which means accessing job postings via a 'tethered' desktop machine.
However, all avenues need exploering, otherwise, the recruitment industry may miss a trick.


Nick, first, i am now a subscriber. 2nd this blog really struck a cord. We are of the "Old fashioned" high quality recruitment service and this week alone i can count several instances where we have put forward properly qualified candidates only to have some HR spod say we can't submit them because some agency has already spammed them in - "Computer says No"

I thought this would strike a chord with our staff so i have copied it (properly referenced with a link of course!) into our monthly Newsletter. I think our consultants will agree with the sentiments!

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Thank you to everyone who has replied both here and via Twitter. I appreciate your taking the time to read a story that can be, at times, uncomfortable. More importantly, checking out Steve Newson's latest post really brings my small journey into real perspective.

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